Dev4All is a biotech preclinical service optimiser created to answer the needs of small and mi-size biotech companies navigating through the preclinical world.

Three years ago we founded 4P-pharma, since then we have screened 200 early-stage projects, entered 10 in wet diligence with 2 technologies ongoing preclinical development, and brought one in First-in-Man clinical trial.

We designed Dev4All based on our expertise, our on-the-ground know-how, and on the network of trusted partners we have worked with during the past three years, and most importantly, we designed Dev4all like the set of services we wish we would have found when we started!

Dev4All is made by biotech actors for biotech actors

Who will benefit from Dev4All ?

  • Biotechs with Early-stage technology to validate

  • Biotechs with limited money and ressources

  • Biotechs looking for dedicated partners who will care about their science

How will you benefit?

  • Optimize time and cost with our network of partners

  • Benefit from our experience: from early-stage to First-in-Man

  • Interact with a team who can really understand your needs: we’ve been there!

Our Partners

During our three years of operation, we have established a network of partners whom we trust with our projects. Here are the pre-clinical areas for which we could help you too:

In vivo models: small and large animals

  • Small animal in vivo efficacy models
    Oncology, CNS, Cardio-Vascular, Cell therapy, Pain
  • Large Animal in vivo study (dogs)
    Early toxicity, PK/PD
  • In vivo imaging


  • Phys/Chem properties
  • Metabolic stability
  • Distribution
  • Safety

In vitro models

  • Efficacy models: cytototoxicity, angiogenesis model
  • Genotoxicity
  • FACS

Infectious models

  • Viral models
  • Bacterial models
  • Fungal models


  • Transcriptomic analyses
  • Peptides and Proteomics analyses

Case study 1

Case study 2

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